Petersen’s Bowhunting Radio

Travis “T-Bone” Turner Interview Part III

August 17, 2009

Ever wondered what music your favorite athlete, actor or TV hunting celebrity has saved on their iPod? Ever wonder if it’s Mozart or the newest country artist that keeps ‘em rockin’? Find out today T-Bone’s top band. I’m sure you’ll find it as interesting as we did.

Realtree Pro-Staffer, bowhunting expert and co-host of the new TV show Bone Collectors, Travis “T-Bone” Turner, shares his passion for bowhunting and takes Petersen’s readers through the early years of his budding bowhunting career. On top of winning the 1991 ASA 3-D World Championship, the 4-time Georgia State Champ has hunted all across North America for whitetail deer and turkey. Not only is he a great bowhunter, tuning genius and father and husband, he’s a first class advocate for hunters and our hunting heritage.

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