Full Throttle & Full Draw with Spencer Boyd

June 28, 2018

Race car driver Spencer Boyd from the NASCAR Xfinity Series joins Editor Christian Berg to talk about life in the fast lane and his lifelong love of bowhunting. Spencer shares stories from the track and the treestand and offers his insights on the challenges of earning a living behind the wheel.

The Ultimate Bowhunting Arrow with Randy Ulmer

May 30, 2018

BOWHUNTING Field Editor Randy Ulmer is a seven-time world-champion target shooter and one of the most accomplished big-game bowhunters in history, with a particular emphasis on giant elk and mule deer. In this episode, Randy joins Editor Christian Berg for an in-depth discussion about what makes for the perfect hunting arrow and important things to consider when selecting shafts for your next hunt.

Spring Mix: Turkeys, Foraging, Food Plots & More!

May 3, 2018

Roy Barroner and Rob Gray from PA Rut Report and Back Forty Premium Wildlife Forage join Editor Christian Berg to discuss wacky spring weather, turkey hunting, morel mushrooms, food-plot planning and more.

Captain Claypool’s Spring Turkey Special

April 11, 2018

Field Editor Eddie Claypool and Editor Christian Berg tell you everything you need to know about chasing spring gobblers with your bow -- from locating good turkey areas to on-the-ground scouting, hunting strategies, blind placement, calling, decoying, shot placement and more!

Rock the Nock!

March 27, 2018

The all-new Glory Nock is one of the most exciting new bowhunting products of 2018. Featuring a patent-pending design that lights the nock on when it comes off the string and turns the light off when it goes back on the string, Glory Nock promises to make using lightned nocks easier than ever for archers everywhere. In this episode, Glory Nock inventor Stu Minica -- inventor of the original Nockturnal -- explains his new creation and what sets it apart from other lighted nocks on the market. 

2018 Whitetail Report

February 14, 2018

Kip Adams, director of conservation for the Quality Deer Management Association, joins Editor Christian Berg to discuss the organization's "2018 Whtietail Report." From harvest trends to regulation changes to the impact diseases are having on deer populations nationwide, Kip offers his insights on the status of deer-hunting today and the issues that will impact its future.

Bowhunter TV Turns 15!

January 22, 2018

Curt Wells, editor of Bowhunter magazine and co-host of Bowhunter TV on the Sportsman Channel, discusses season 15 of the show, his latest adventures in the field and the challenges of successfully bowhunting with a cameraman by your side.

Sweet Shooting & Sweet Music

January 2, 2018

Award-winning country musician Jimmy Herman is a master with the bow in hand. Whether that's the bow for his fiddle while on tour with Carrie Underwood or his trusty Hoyt hunting bow while in a treestand, Herman pursues music and bowhunting with a passion second to none. In this episode, Jimmy discusses his love of the hunt, his dedication to being physically prepared for the challenges encountered in the field and shares stories from life on tour with one of Nashville's biggest superstars.

2017 Rut Recap

December 19, 2017

In this episode, whitetail guru Bill Winke joins Editor Christian Berg for a comprehensive look back at the 2017 rut. Bill and Christian dive deep into reports of sporadic rutting activity in many areas, the keys to productive rut hunting and the lessons learned during another season strapped in 20 feet above the whitetail woods.

Better Bows. Better Bowhunting.

December 7, 2017

Hall-of-fame archer and bowhunter Randy Ulmer returns to discuss the latest advances in compound bow technology. From massive increases in arrow speed and cam efficiency to reduced noise and vibration to shorter axle-to-axle lengths and parallel-limb design, Randy offers his insights on what makes today's top hunting bows so deadly.

Hunters vs. Killers

November 28, 2017

Lots of bowhunters are good at getting within shooting range of big animals, but few are consistently successful at sealing the deal. In this episide, Field Editor Randy Ulmer and Editor Christian Berg discuss the shooting skills and mental toughness needed to elevate your status from bowhunter to killer.

Hunt Fair Chase

October 10, 2017
Keith Balfourd, marketing director of the Boone and Crockett Club, discusses bowhunting ethics and the club's Hunt Fair Chase initiative highlighting the positive role hunters play in wildlife conservation.

Eva Shockey Takes Aim

August 10, 2017

By any measure, Eva Shockey is among the most successful women in bowhunting today. The co-host of Jim Shockey's Outdoor Adventures on Outdoor Channel is one of the archery world's most popular personalities, as evidenced by an incredible 1.7 million social media followers. in this episode, Eva discusses her soon-to-be-released autobiography, Taking Aim, her signature bow line from Bowtech and her ongoing role as an ambassador of bowhunting.

Whitetail Wisdom with Ralph & Vicki

July 24, 2017

In this episode, we look ahead to deer season with Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo, co-hosts of Archer's Choice and The Choice on Outdoor Channel. Join us as we discuss pre-season preparations, in-season strategies, equipment selection and more! Ralph & Vicki also discuss the state of outdoor media and the need to recruit a new generation of bowhunters.

DIY Elk with Captain Claypool

July 7, 2017

Field Editor Eddie Claypool is one of the most successful public-land elk hunters in America today. With some 35 mature bow bulls to his credit over the past four decades, few archers can match Eddie's accomplishment when it comes to punching DIY, over-the-counter tags. In this episode, Eddie reflects on 40 years as a successful elk hunter and shares some of tips for securing tags, identifying productive hunting areas and getting within bow range of a bull.

New Adventures with an Old Friend

June 20, 2017

Renaissance man Dave Eder is a former BOWHUNTING assistant editor, online archery retailer and craft distiller at Droptine Spirits. In this episode, Dave shares some fun stories from the magazine's past, discusses the state of the bowhunting industry and explains the genesis of Droptine's new persimmon and apple moonshine!

Clubbing with the Pope & Young President

May 23, 2017

Most bowhunters know about the Pope & Young Club's big-game records program, but did you know the Club was instrumental in establishing archery seasons nationwide? In this episode, Club President Jim Willems discusses the Club's role as an advocate of bowhunting and fair-chase ethics and also tackles controversial topics such as the Club's longstanding position against crossbows.

Dudley’s Setup Secrets

May 8, 2017

Success in the field this fall starts with perfecting your bow setup this summer. Join Nock On host John Dudley as he shares insights on how to get the most out of your equipment. John's methods have been proven over several decades as a top target shooter and highly successful big-game bowhunter.

Archery’s Dynamic Duo

April 24, 2017

Levi and Samantha Morgan of Bow Life TV are world-class target shooters, highly accomplished bowhunters and two of the most dynamic personalities on outdoor television today, making them arguably the most powerful of archery "power couples." In this episode, Samantha talks about her historic appearance on BOWHUNTING's June cover, while Levi shares his top shooting tips to make you a more accurate bowhunter in the field.

Straight Shooting with G5 Prime

April 10, 2017

Matt Grace and Nate Grace, two of the "G" Men from G5 Outdoors, discuss the latest innovations from Prime bows. Learn how the Grace family's engineering expertise and unwavering attention to detail helped create a shooting platform that helps bowhunters hold steadier and shoot deadlier than ever before.